Online Assessment



Below is a list of questions to help you or a loved one find out if our program is the right fit for you.

Do you diet and lose weight only to regain it?
Do you ever feel out of control with your eating?
Do you feel depressed because of your eating habits or weight?
Do you think, “I’ll only have one bite,” but then keep eating?
Does your scale determine how you feel about yourself?
Do you say to yourself, “I’ll go on a diet tomorrow”?
Do you find yourself thinking about food throughout the day?
Do you eat when you are not physically hungry?
Do your eating behaviors distress you?
Do you eat when you are upset?
Have you ever decline a social event because you felt fat?
Have you not attended a social event because of the food available?
Are you ready to change your relationship with food?

Diets Don't Work!®
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