The Diets Don’t Work® Structured Program goals and objectives include:

  • Reduce obsessive thoughts of food, weight, diet, and body image
  • Connect with the internal Self, knowing what you need
  • Be able to calm and center yourself
  • Be able to communicate your needs in an assertive, compassionate manner
  • Understand the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger
  • Learn the effects of different foods on your body and emotions
  • Become aware of your own individual food triggers
  • Eat when hungry, make healthy food choices, and stop when full
  • Determine healthy portion sizes
  • Identify emotional eating and substitute appropriate alternatives
  • Deal with issues that are contributing to the disordered eating

We know external controls never work long-term. My goal is to help you get in touch with your Self, be true to your Self, and care for your Self in healthy ways. Weight loss is a natural by-product of internalizing the controls around food. Instead our measurements are:

  • Learn to love your Self
  • Become more Self-aware of your body and your feelings
  • Use food for physical nourishment
  • Abstain from any other addictive behavior
  • Deal with emotions without using food
  • Become more engaged in the outside world
  • Become more honest with your Self and others
  • Focus on internal indicators of well-being rather than external one
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