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What is the Diets Don’t Work® program?

Diets Don’t Work is a structured program based on internalizing eating behaviors on a sub conscious level. It is a step-by-step method designed to stop disordered eating. Each session or group is outlined with subject material that has been working for a lot of individuals already. Each session includes the lesson for that session, individual or group experiential exercises, guided imagery, self monitoring charts, and homework assignments. We currently have thirty sessions that are individualized for each person.

How is your program different from other weight lost programs?

With this program you discover the solutions that work uniquely for you. This is not about doing something that someone else tells you to do. We know this approach does not work long term. You will learn how to internalizing new eating behaviors so it becomes a way of life.

Why does the Diets Don’t Work program work?

We know external diets and controls work for awhile, but eventually we rebel and eat everything we have been denying ourselves. Our program allows you to internalize a way of eating that is healthy and natural.  You learn to honor your appetite and body, eating when physically hungry and stopping when full. You learn about emotional eating and the solutions. You learn to identify and change self-defeating self-talk. Diets Don’t Work is about self-discovery and being true to Self. With this internalized method of control, the struggle with food and weight becomes a thing of the past.

How does the Diets Don’t Work program work?

You begin to understand the real causes of disordered eating. You recognize your negative self-talk and are given tools to change this self-defeating dialogue on a sub-conscious level. You find appropriate ways of discarding old emotional wounds without using disordered eating

How do your clients know the program has worked?

Their minds are not constantly occupied with the thoughts of food, weight, diet, or body image. They eat when hungry and stop when full. They know the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. They now have tools to deal with the triggers of emotional eating. They do not dwell on negative self-talk and are happier. They maintain their ideal weight without dieting.

How do your clients find out about you?

Most of our individual Diets Don’t Work clients come from recommendations from past clients. They see their weight lost or their change in eating behaviors and ask how they did it. They have tried everything and are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They have tried to stop the yo-yo dieting by themselves and can’t stop. Some are referred by therapists who have heard about our success with treating food issues.

What if I also have other issues that need to be addressed?

When some patients start recovering from alcohol and drugs they may start using food. They need help with that in addition to the substance abuse recovery. Some find the substance abuse actually started in response to out-of-control eating. If disordered eating is not acknowledged in recovery, it can lead to relapse. We work in conjunction with many alcohol/drug and eating disorder treatment programs including Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

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